Online X-Ray Technician Schools

Online X-Ray Technician Schools
Online X-Ray Technician Schools
Classes for online x-ray technician schools are offered. Given the nature of the occupation, these are not entirely online but typically offered as hybrid programs.  Part of the classes are online and part are hands-on clinical work.

The online courses are often general education courses and theory courses. The actual x-ray or radiology courses are part of the clinical or externship work.
These x-ray technician online programs are most often offered by universities and community colleges. These are typically offered at the certificate and associate level and can take from six months to two years to complete.  While course work can be completed online, students must complete hands-on clinical work.  The clinical portion is often satisfied by participation in externships at an approved clinical site near the student or where the student works.

These x-ray technician online classes will vary somewhat from institution to institution. You can explore online x-ray technician offerings with the form below by checking online only under "learning preference".

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Students should make sure the online x-ray technician program is certified. The Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT) accredits most formal x-ray technician programs.  You can visit their website for a list of accredited online x-ray technician programs at  In early 2014 this showed 31 online x-ray tech/radiology associate degree programs and 5 certificate programs.
There are several advantages to accessing x-ray technician schools online. These may include:
  • learning at your own schedule-which can be 24 hours and seven days a week
  • learning at your own pace
  • reduced cost since online classes may be less costly and there are certainly transportation and/or child care savings
  • learning of technological skills associated with the internet such as online conferencing and presentation skills
  • some students find online learning easier than face to face traditional, on-campus instruction

There are also several potential disadvantages of using an online x-ray technician school. These may include:
  • lack of required self-discipline since students must be motivated to stay on schedule
  • limited social interaction with other students
  • lack of time management skills since students must manage their time appropriately
  • some students prefer face-to-face instructional support, rather than email, telephone and online audio-video support options
  • technical issues may be challenges for some (internet, internet speed, complex internet conferencing etc)
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