X-Ray Technician Certification

X-Ray Technician Certification

X-Ray Technician Certification

Most states require an X-Ray Technician license but  requirements do vary by State.

Your State's health board should be contacted for questions about specific X-Ray Technician certification requirements.

Learn more about certifying organizations and certification exams below.

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Voluntary X-Ray Technician certification is offered by The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).  In addition, a number of States use ARRT-administered exams for State licensing purposes.  To be eligible for certification, technologists must graduate from an ARRT-approved accredited program and pass an examination. 

The X-Ray Technician certification exam  assesses the knowledge and cognitive skills underlying the performance of the tasks and duties typically required at entry-level.
ARRT exams are administered on computers and feature mostly multiple-choice questions.  Beginning on January 1, 2015, all candidates for primary pathway certification must have earned an academic degree before becoming certified.  More information is provided on the AART website at www.arrt.org.

Many employers prefer to hire certified
X-Ray Technicians  and technologists.  In order to maintain an ARRT certification, 24 hours of continuing education must be completed every 2 years.


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